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Living or Dead?!

March 31, 2010 2 comments

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show, Living or Dead?!

Here’s how the rules work: I’m going to name some celebrities and it’s up to you to tell me if they’re still living or if they’re dead!


Here we go!

Rodney Dangerfield

(Answer: Dead. Though he may still be moving around a bit.)

Andy Rooney

picture courtesy of Stephenson Brown

(Answer: Living. Despite everyone’s best efforts. The man is still putting out content, though, so I have to give him props for that.)

Frank Sinatra

(Answer: Dead. Though not for nefarious reasons, from what I understand.)

Dick Clark

picture courtesy of DianthusMoon

(Answer: Living. Though it’s possible that he’s mostly animatronic by now.)

Glenn Ford

(Answer: Dead. Quite suddenly. It may have been my fault – if you believe in tachyons. I declared that he was dead without knowing it had only happened that day.)

Abe Vigoda

(Answer: Living. Believe it or not: )

Dan Rather

picture courtesy of Ed Schipul

(Answer: Living. Though I think the man has probably defeated more assassins than I would care to count.)

Elvis Presley

(Answer: Probably dead, though that doesn’t seem to stop him from being seen in public.)

I’m afraid that’s all the time we have!  Thanks for playing Living or Dead?!

(Okay, admittedly this was a quick and dirty way to get a new blog entry up, but it turns out I did have to look most of these guys up before I was sure if they were pushing up the daisies or not.  How well did you do?)

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