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Star Thing Apotheosis

ShipsTime for a bit of a ramble about Star Wars and Star Trek, and how the two seem to have become each other. Over time, Star Wars has become more Star Trek-y and Star Trek has become more Star Wars-y. I wonder where it will lead?


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  1. Jodi
    March 25, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    Hi Jim,

    Excellent topic!
    I do agree, and though I had the opposite childhood (seeing Star Trek “TOS” first and then later Star Wars), I fully agree that both worlds have seemingly merged thematically. It is a joyous union, at least for me, as I enjoy both new movies and of course own only the uber special edition versions. Though I have minor issues with both, overall those are personal preference and I overlook them while re-watching the movies. I’ve also frequently stated that the new Star Trek movies are an excellent next installment in the Star Wars universe.

    I am also exceedingly excited to see what JJ does with the new Star Wars movies. I can only imagine what further incorporation of the two universes might look or sound like.

    It is my hope that these new Star Wars movies (7-9?) will not go the way of the do-do of Star Wars 1-3 by introducing yet further exasperation of needless and counter productive explanations of stuff (such as those mediclorians – apologies for spelling).

    I’ve always enjoyed both sci-fi universes in harmony, as they do not conflict at all in my brain. In fact during high school I would frequently read a Star Trek novel followed by a Star Wars novel. I believe the word you were looking for to reflect the novels and then of course any future approved literature in addition to all the video game story lines from the Lucas farm is “canon”. These things would not exist without express approval and they expand the universe in an acceptable Lucas fashion. Star Trek novels, do also expand the Star Trek universe in the same way but I believe the approval process is more akin to “do not write something that someone else has written” which is thus much more lenient and leads one to view them with a bit more subjectivity where “canon” material is concerned.

  2. March 25, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    Thanks for commenting!

    I wasn’t actually talking about canon – not in the general sense, anyway. There’s a “brand name” the Star Wars people have created to identify the continuity from the books and possibly the video games, comics and what have you that is separate from the movie canon. THAT was the term I was hunting for. I believe the term they use is “Expanded Universe” but I’m not completely sure on that – and it wasn’t all that important, so I figured I’d just turn it into a joke instead of worrying about looking it up. 🙂

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